Beer Tour: Brouwer’s (Fremont)

January 6th, 2008 by Adrian

4:30 PMAfter having some lunch (not very good food, sorry Rogue!) and sobering up, we drove back to Seattle and called a cab to bring us over to Brouwer’s in Fremont.  Jenny hung out here a lot this summer, but it was my first time.  Great tap list – and the sausage plate was a tasty way to keep our palates neutral.  We’ll be back!

Chimay Triple   (info)

A deep amber Belgian Tripel, served in the traditional tulip glass.

Adrian sez“It’s sure spicey: nutmeg & cinnamon.  It’s thin, but smooth.  Not particularly sweet.  Definitely not bready.  It tastes a little fruity, but in a subtle way.  Maybe apricot?”

Jenny sez: “It’s really subtle, wheaty.  I dunno… it kinda tastes like Bud Light.  But I don’t really know what Bud Light tastes like.  It’s subtle, anyway.”

Laughing Dog: Devil Dog IPA    (info)

A triple dry hopped IPA, 10% abv.

Adrian sez: “Super hoppy!  Opens with a very strong rye flavor, lots of malt to balance out the hops.  Some notes of lemon, maybe a tiny bit of caramel.  Finish is alcoholic, but clean, not bitter.  Reminds me of the Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA I love… would be great to taste these head-to-head!”

Jenny sez: “I HATE IT!  IT’S HORRIBLE!  It’s extra bitter.  Grass flavor mixed with… some kind of urine.  I’m giving it one and a half stars, and YES, I know Bud is one star.”  When our appetizer plate came, Jenny picked up a piece of light rye bread and said thoughtfully: “If you peed on this, it would taste like that beer.”

Avery: Old Jubilation     (info)

A dark winter ale from Colorado. 8% abv.

Adrian sez: “WTF!?  This is way too thin for a winter brew.  Not a satisfying mouth feel imho.  No obvious spices in here.  There’s a familiar taste, but I can’t put my finger on it.  Is it fruit, or a potato?  I don’t know.  Maybe caramel.  Definitely a lot of malt going on, but where’s the body?”

Jenny sez: “This is like vanilla bread.”  Jenny pushes the glass away from her, and shakes her finger at it, admonishing sternly: “Figure out who the heck you ARE and get back to us!”

Walking Man: Walking Stick Stout    (info)

A traditional, rich American stout.

Adrian sez: (forgot to give star rating, oops!)“Obvious coffee flavor, not bitter enough to be espresso, let’s call it mocha.  A little thin on mouth feel but huge roasty malt flavors.  Coffee is so strong in the aftertaste, feels like a cup of that burnt Starbucks coming back up.  Nicely balanced, but no other notable characteristics.”

Jenny sez: (right, no star rating, sorry)“It’s like drinking a triple-macchiato, but watered down.  Good mouth feel, but very shallow taste.  Almost a novelty beer.  Wait, I take that back… it’s not a novelty brew, it’s ‘user-friendly.’”

Lagunitas Brown Shugga     (info)

Strong ale/barleywine from Petaluma, CA.

Adrian sez: “Well, it’s a little sweet for me.  Namesake taste is obvious, but also very malty.  A coppery, mellow taste.  Very well structured, eminently drinkable & enjoyable!” (Yes, I really said that last bit…)

Jenny sez: “Super malty, very smooth.  Lots of warmth.  I love the hint of sugar, and that sugary aftertaste.  I could drink this all night!”  [So why only 3.5 stars?  🙂 AK]


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