Beer Tour 2008: Kort Haus (Greenwood)

January 9th, 2008 by Adrian

8:00 PM 

Kort Haus’ biggest claim to fame is probably the wide variety of exotic meats you can get them to grind into a burger for you.  They’ve got a dozen or so “specialty” meats, including alligator, reindeer, kangaroo, and camel.  We’ve had alligator before (thanks, Bite of Seattle), buffalo isn’t exactly exotic these days, and there’s no way we’re eating Rudolph so close to XMas.  We go for the kangaroo burger.  It tastes pretty much like beef.  (Did you think we’d say “chicken?”)

When we first get there, Jenny and I pretty much double the attendance in the place.  Very strange for a Saturday night!  But about twenty minutes after we sit down and eat our marsupial, the place starts to get packed.  What can we say, we’re trendsetters.  Kort Haus has a couple dozen taps, but beer or no beer the thing that stands out is the atmosphere.  Great crowd, ranging from early 20’s hipster wannabes to late 30’s & older couples just getting out of the house for the night.  And let’s not forget the passionate connoisseur trying to haggle down the price on a case of ancient Olympia stubbies.  Go, Tumwater!

Pacific Rim Brewing: Rat City IPA     (info)

Jenny’s right: I ordered this because of the name, makes me think fondly of those Rat City Rollergirls.  But also because it’s an IPA and I’m hoping it’s bold.  I need to wash the watery taste of Maritime out of my mouth.

Adrian sez: “Very woody, a little lemony, and lots of low notes.  There’s a nice jalapeno taste that creeps up on you.  Very interesting!  Could I enjoy this taste as much on the fourth beer?  Probably.”

Jenny sez: “Too much heat that doesn’t balance out with the body.  I like the weight.  High drinkability.”

Fish Brewing Co: Whistling Pig Wheat     (info)In case you didn’t know, “whistle pigs” are groundhogs.   And oh yeah, “wheat” means it’s  another hefeweizen.  Three guesses who ordered this one.

Adrian sez: “Well, this is totally a hefeweizen.  Cloudy, a tiny bit of fruit, but basically wheat, wheat, wheat.  The beer is not bad, it’s just not my thing.”

Jenny sez: “Pleasant and really refreshing after the flight of Jolly Roger beers.  It’s wheaty and yeasty, with a sweet perfume.”

Speakeasy: Big Daddy IPA     (info)

Another IPA.  Ordered because the bartender overheard me musing about the jalepeno flavor in the Rat City and said “Oh, there’s another one with that same flavor,” so we had to try it and see for ourselves.

Adrian sez: “Yep, there’s that jalepeno taste again.  Very strong hop flavor, hard to really taste anything past that.  The aftertaste is all hops, too.  I like it, but is it a novelty beer?”

Jenny sez: “It’s spicy.  Wheaty, too, and I taste some citrus in there.  Very bitter finish.”

After lingering for a couple of hours over our three pints, we call a cab to head to our last stop of the day: Collins Pub in Pioneer Square.  But when we get there we’re dumbfounded to find that they’re all closed up!  It’s not even 11 PM on a Saturday night, and thanks to the Seahawks/Redskins NFC playoff game, the square is overflowing with folks just itching to empty their wallets on booze.  What gives, Collins Pub?

Fortunately, it’s easy to hail a cab in Pioneer Square, and we light out for home.  We’re already compiling the itinerary for our next tour, though, and it’s not too far off!


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