Too Petty To Fly

February 28th, 2008 by Adrian

Last summer we had the juicy gossip line item about a Hooters waitress being kicked off her Southwest airlines flight for dressing too provocatively.   Kyla Ebbert parlayed her 15 minutes of fame into a Playboy pictorial that no doubt helped ease the “humiliation and embarrassment” she felt as a result of the incident.

So is creating an airline ruckus now the fast track to a Playboy shoot?  Clearly that’s what Nisreen Swedberg and Sarah Williams are hoping with their lame imitation story about being discriminated against on a Southwest flight for, um, their youthful beauty.   As Sarah insightfully & indignantly sums up the situation, “nobody else really on the plane looked like us… except us.”  How true.   God bless the Oldsmar, FL educational system for producing these two paragons of virtue & fair play.  (Oh, and Nisreen?  Jennifer Beals called.  She wants her top back.)

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