What happens in Queen Anne, stays in Vegas

December 16th, 2008 by Adrian

I’ve been doing a lot of shopping online this Christmas season (big surprise, right?)  Up through last weekend there was a constant game of delivery chicken to be played… weighing the chance that everything would get here in time for Xmas by ground against the cost to ship it by airm.  And it was when I started looking closely at the shipping estimates that I realized: I now live in Las Vegas.  At least, according to Google maps.

98109.  It’s no 90210, but it’s home.  And until recently, that’s meant Seattle, WA.  But check out Google maps today:


Suddenly, it’s just a short walk from my front door to Caesar’s Palace.  It’s like that Weekend Update sketch with Fred Armisen:

Wouldn’t it be a drag if we pulled [New Hampshire] over to Mexico?  ¿Qué pasó?  ¡Está allí!    

Looks like it’s just a little Google dyslexia (the Vegas ZIP is 89109).  But I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that my Amazon packages don’t end up routed to the Bellagio.

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