Sympathy for the Devil

December 24th, 2008 by Adrian

Rumor has it that Keanu Reeves is pulling together a crew for a (presumably live action) film based on the “Cowboy Bebop” anime series.  I don’t know which is worse: the idea of seeing the meandering, episodic storyline of the cartoon compressed into a neat 2 hour package, or the prospect of Spike Spiegel portrayed by the stoic & deadpan stylings of Mr. Reeves.  Oh, wait, yes I do.




Speaking of Keanu Reeves, here’s a fun and slightly annoying game to play the next time you run out of gossip on a long car ride.  It’s called the “Johnny Mnemonic Game,” and it goes like this:

Person A:  “Hey, what’s that movie, it stars Keanu Reeves I think, about a guy who gets computer chip planted in his head?  But it gives him some deadly disease that makes his lymph nodes puff out like grapefruits?”

Person B:  “Oh, you mean Johnny Bubonic?”

Person A:  “Yeah, that’s it.”

Person B:  “I saw that one.  But what’s the other movie with Keanu Reeves, where he gets a computer chip planted in his head that short-circuits or something, and his muscles all lock up and he goes into a stupor?”

Person A:  “Uh… you mean… Johnny Catatonic?”

Person B:  “Right, right.”

Person A:  “Sure, that was OK.  But I really like the movie with Keanu Reeves where he gets the computer chip planted in his head that helps him read by sounding out words!  What was that called?”

Person B:  “I dunno… wait, I got it: Johnny Hooked-on-Phonics!”


…and so it goes.  

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  1. Patootie Mas

    Nice Photoshop work 😉

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