Ending the Writer’s Strike

January 6th, 2008 by Adrian

I haven’t written anything here in the last couple of months, and many of you have emailed me to ask why.  Some have wondered if all the holiday traveling and family get-togethers have left me without any time to write.  Others have expressed concern over my health.  One or two have chalked up my online silence to a fear of letting slip confidential secrets.  And of course a vocal minority continue to accuse me of being just plain lazy. 

Well, you’re all wrong.

The real reason I haven’t posted anything since early November is that I’ve been standing firm in support of my brothers and sisters in the Writer’s Guild of America as they strike against the AMPTP.  How can I risk posting something humorous or insightful, knowing that so many more talented voices have been silenced?  With Desperate Housewives and The Late Show in re-runs, we’d all just be fooling ourselves if we pretended that life could go on, talking about sports and video games and beer as if nothing had happened.  It reminds me of how the whole world ground to a halt during the 2004-05 NHL lockout.  (And really, has professional sports ever truly recovered from that nightmare year?)

But I’m happy to announce that late last week I was able to reach an important agreement with several independent studios, and SodaForBreakfast.net will now resume its irregular, semi-bi-weekly production schedule, with the first new episode airing shortly.  Thank you for your support and kind wishes during this difficult time.  God bless you all.

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  1. theCultFigurine

    So pleased to hear you were able to come to terms with the higher-ups. Good to see you back on the internets 🙂

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