I need to watch PBS more often

August 18th, 2007 by Adrian

I don’t watch much TV.  I haven’t subscribed to cable for about ten years, and other than the occasional longing for the History Channel, I don’t miss it.  I get the local networks in HD over the air, catch up on the good HBO/Showtime series on Netflix, and that’s and about all I need.

But last night I was flipping through the channels looking for something to distract me while I waited for the media PC to finish backing up, and I came across Bill Moyer’s Journal.  The topic was the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina: what have we learned, and what should we be doing about it today.   It was a good discussion, with some very interesting points made about both the political and environmental climate of New Orleans.  The show was too short to address any of this in-depth, but there were plenty of leads you can follow up on yourself.  Take a sec to watch a bit of the program (or read the transcript) here.

On a slightly different note, a one of the program comments on the PBS site says:

…the discussion was unfortunately sidetracked by the extraneous comments about “enslavement” and Melissa Harris-Lacewell’s grandstanding about being a black woman who has made it.

WTF!?  First off, I was really impressed with Melissa Harris-Lacewell in general: she was an articulate, insightful, and vibrant contributor to the discussion.  And secondly, what’s with the scare quotes on enslavement!?!

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